Most dads shun the task of bathing their kiddos and anything potty related in toddlers and babies. My husband is no different. I could actually count on my fingers the number of times he’s changed Zedi’s diapers and up until this week, he’s never given him a bath. Not counting beach fun, of course. I mean bathing in the bathroom.

In a previous post I spoke about how I’m suffering from a toothache on 2 teeth 🙁 Our big 1-year old boy is taller and heavier than most 2-year-old kiddos so that having to carry him after bathing can be a huge task! With no nanny, the task to bathe this kiddo was left to Daddy. Wanting it to be as fun as possible, he got us to move the tub to the front yard again.

I taught him how to scrub Zedi using his hands and some soap. Not telling him how much soap to place in his hands was a mistake! He soon made a very thick and foamy lather that covered Zedi’s face! haha, Good thing this boy is a tough guy so he didn’t even cry even when soap got inside his eyes and mouth.

After a few minutes, he finally got the hang of it. Zedi, still fresh from swimming at the beach last week had the idea to dip his face into the water like what he did at the sea! haha

Joys-of-Motherhood-3I always wonder why men are afraid to bathe kids. They have large hands to hold the squirming slippery kiddo in place. Also, Bobby didn’t even have to use a water dipper to wash away the soap suds – just his hands! I couldn’t achieve that fast enough, I tell you.

He gave Zedi the space to play for a few minutes more. After all, it was a very hot day and just the same as when we beat the summer heat last Saturday, it was nicer to let Zedi just play around to cool off. When both of them got fed up with the game, it was time to bring home the bacon errrr baby, I mean.

The little one was actually a bit angry that bath playtime was over but Bobby could handle him and calm him down. Yeah! Dressing up the kiddo was definitely so much easier than the rest of the bathing process. They were over in no time. Perhaps I should feign a toothache to let him bathe Zedi again, yes?

Now that he is doing it more often than he did before I felt like we split the workload equally and I am glad that we did so because now both of us get to enjoy all the parts of parenting in the same manner. Once he got the hang of it he felt stupid for trying to get out of the chore earlier and it made him think about other things he was skipping.

So, that’s how I trained my dragon – oh, husband – to bathe his son.