Hello, there I am an aspiring writer with a background in science. As a Chemist with a license, my first job was in a cement company (Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc.) for 2 years. I quit that job and I moved back to my hometown, Dumaguete, to be with my family. Then I began work there as Copy Editor at SPi Technologies for 2 years. Quit that job to start a family and work as a freelancer for HavenForWriters.

The jobs I had at those companies where rewarding for me and, definitely, challenging. Still, I got to the conclusion that there’s more to life than rewards and challenges. There is this thing that we call “A Good Life”, that is a life with balance.

No matter the success you might have in your professional career if you lack certain things and people in your life you will not be able to enjoy what you have made for yourself.  

I quit my regular desk job for a home desk job since 2009. Despite some trials and hardships, I have no regrets. 😉 This is the path I chose. That’s where this blog comes in, it is my way of contacting all of you and to share my insights on how to lead a healthy and good life.